Operations Consulting


  • Are you a CEO of a small company having problems juggling all the balls you have in the air?  

  • Are you frustrated because your spending your day on operational tasks rather than on work you are more passionate about (e.g. Sales, dealing with customers, etc.)?

  • Do you need help but are not sure who to ask?

If you’re reading this, you at the right spot!  With 15 years of general management experience, I am a management consultant who helps small and midsize companies and entrepreneurs translate business goals into reality. A marketer by trade (Kraft, CBS, MasterCard and Fogdog Sports), I'm an experienced general management and operations leader.

My services include:

- Policies & Procedure Development

- Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Development

- Employee Handbook Development

- Strategic Planning

- Operations Management

- P&L Management

- Business Start-up and Turnaround

- Project Management

I’m the “adult supervision” you bring in to support your young, less experienced but brilliant team. I am passionate about leveraging my management expertise to educate and mentor smaller businesses and entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow.   

Contact me today to learn how I can help you focus more of your passions and take your business to the next level.