Marketing & Operations Consulting


You’re team may be brilliant but do you have the “right” marketing or operations resources in place?  If not or you’re not sure, you might need to bring in a consultant to help you take that next step and that’s me.  

As an operationally-focused marketer, I’m the “adult supervision” you bring in to support your young, less experienced but brilliant team.  

  • I’ve worked in companies of all sizes: start-ups, mid-size, Fortune 100 including Kraft, CBS, MasterCard, Fogdog, Planet Smoothie and MKTG

  • I have experience in many verticals: CPG, Entertainment, Sports, Health & Fitness, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Fast Casual, Sportswear, Utilities, Student Educational Travel, Marketing Agencies, Technology, Business Continuity, Colocation

  • I have played a variety of roles: Head of Marketing, VP Sponsorship & Promotion, COO, General Manager, VP Client Services, VP Operations, Business Development

I bring this experience to young and growing companies of all sizes to help them take the next step.  What makes me unique is my focus on marketing and operations. I have a background in marketing strategy & execution but I’m also experienced in general management and in business operations. Because of this background, I am suited to help smaller or entrepreneurial-focused companies grow.  

I am strategic, creative, solutions-focused, a team player and flexible and if you have a problem and need help with the solution, I’m excited to help you solve it.