Event Marketing


Are you a B2C or B2B brand looking to:

  • Educate potential consumers/customers about a topic or product(s)

  • Create authentic physical and emotional engagements or connections with your target consumers/customers

  • Provide networking opportunities for the participants and the brand

  • Align and inspire participants behind a new strategy, initiative or product

If so, event, or experiential, marketing needs to be part of your marketing strategy. From meetings to conferences to sponsorships, good event marketing offers meaningful two-way interactions with your audience to build brand affinity.   A successful event delivers a great brand experience by showcasing your brand’s promise and the benefits of your product or service.

As an event marketing expert, I can help you with your event  marketing objectives, strategy and activation. I have 20+ years of event marketing expertise including:

  • CBS/CBS Sports: college & mall tours, ski resorts

  • Fogdog Sports: adventure racing event activations

  • 10+ years at event marketing agency MKTG: developed and produced events for CBS (NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four parties), NCAA (Hoop City), Nike (running, soccer, Nike ID, women’s training, etc.)

  • The Mead Group/Nexis Response: conference development and conference sponsorships

So if you need marketing support to develop your strategy or need help finding the right agency, contact me today to see how I can help.