Small Business Marketing Consultant Hiring Guide

So, you’re a small business owner wearing many hats, and everything is urgent.  You’re frustrated with your sales, your brand, the lack of quality leads and/or the design of your logo and website.  You know the importance of marketing (you think).  You know you need to be marketing but you’re too busy, you’re not trained and no one on your team’s trained so where do you start?    For most owners, the frustration continues, and nothing happens, not because you don’t want to, but you don’t know how.  And it seems too daunting to even try and figure it out.   

 As a small business owner myself, I’ve been in your shoes. But the difference is that I’ve been a marketer my whole work life.    Now a marketing consultant, I created a guide to help educate you about the process -- defining what marketing consultants do, what are the marketing resources and tools you need and the ultimately, finding and hiring the right consultant for you.   

To learn more, get the guide.