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My friends call me Moose (short for Mousseau) so once you get to know me, I hope you will too.  My passion for pursuing unique and authentic adventures in work and in life has resulted in the privilege of delivering inspirational consumer experiences for some of the top brands in the world.  I leverage my expertise to educate and mentor small companies and entrepreneurs to help them learn from my successes and failures. 

Small Town Boy Who Works Hard & Plays Hard

I’m a New Englander at heart, having grown up on in a small, rural town in Rhode Island.  Being responsible and having a strong work ethic were engrained in me at a young age.  After graduating college, I left my hometown to explore this great world of ours.  I am curious, adventurous, pragmatic and always strive for excellence.  These traits have stayed with me as I've moved three times for work, been a lifelong fitness enthusiast and traveled to 30 countries and counting.

Career Of A Lifetime Or Was It?

I’ve been fortunate to have a fantastic career.  I started in the corporate world with marketing roles at KraftCBS and MasterCard.   Wanting more, I left "corporate" for sporting goods retail start-up Fogdog.  I was part of a great team that took the company public and this energy and excitement was what I was looking for!  After Fogdog, further capitalizing on my entrepreneurial spirit, I purchased and ran two Planet Smoothie franchises, which I sold in 2007.   I then moved to a marketing agency start-up MKTG, Inc. that in my 10 years of working there, went from 30 employees to 1,000, sold twice and is now a top global marketing agency.  Another great ride! 


Yes, But Was Something Missing?

It was during these final years at at MKTG that I realized that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled.  I reached out to a life coach for help to better recognize my strengths, my values and my passions.   This led me to focus my career, and my life, to consult.  I only work in industries I am passionate about and do work I am passionate about doing.  This has allowed the real “Moose” to shine through. 

Now, I Live My Mission

So that brings me to where I am today. My mission is by focusing on my passions, I help small companies and entrepreneurs translate goals into reality.  I enjoy this because of the excitement and energy small companies in growth mode exude and I’m focusing on what I enjoy and do best. Leadership teams are getting younger so experience is both a strength and an opportunity.  I use my management, marketing and operational expertise, and passion for their business, to elevate leadership teams, allowing them to focus on their strengths and passions to build their business and their brand.  It’s a win win for everyone.  

For more about my business experience, please see my LinkedIn Profile.

So How Can I Help You Today?